24 Hour Notices for Showings - Good idea or Bad?

It is not entirely uncommon to see Jacksonville real estate listings that require 24 hour notices for showing appointments. Other people do it, so it's okay, right?   Not so fast. It is a very bad idea to require 24 hour notices on showing appointments. Why? Many showing appointments are planned within a shorter window than 24 hours. When you place a restriction like that on your listing, you increase the risk of your home being skipped over entirely. It's hard to sell a home that is not easily accessible.   We understand that it's nice to have a great big window of time to get that house clean, it's a much better idea to just buckle up and work hard to keep it clean at all times. The faster your home sells, the less inconvenience you will have to experience. The more restrictions you place on home showings, the longer it will take to sell your house.

Jacksonville Real Estate Buyers - How They Operate

If a buyer decides they want to see a home, sometimes they want to see it that afternoon. It's also not unusual for us to be in a neighborhood with a buyer and pass a home that wasn't on our showing list that they want to see right away. It's also not unusual for a buyer to get an unexpected break in their schedule and want to go out the same day.   Buyers are finicky. They want to be accommodated when they are considering buying your home. In our experience, over our many years in real estate, around half of our showing appointments are made within a window of less than 24 hours. These are real buyers that are really buying homes. Don't turn them away.  

Make Your Home Accessible

As a Jacksonville home seller it is critical that you make your home as accessible as possible to potential buyers. The ONE buyer you turn away, might have been the person that would have bought your house. Don't assume they will come back another day. Many times they don't. We discourage 24 hour notices for showings of our Jacksonville Real Estate listings. That is because our experience has proven time and again that it is a really bad idea.