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Shearwater New Homes for Sale

by Stephanie Lim

Shearwater Homes For Sale

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Shearwater in Northwest St Johns County and there is a great reason why.  This new subdivision is worth checking out.  The amenities are second to none.  They include a wonderful resort-style pool that includes a lap pool, lazy river and a 3-story water slide.  There are extensive trails throughout the community.  Tennis courts and sports fields are also part of the amenities offered to residents.

There are several fabulous builders that are building in Shearwater.  They include:

Shearwater New Homes |

Builders In Shearwater

David Weekley Homes - Starting in the mid-$200,000s
Lennar- Starting in the high $200,000s
Richmond American Homes- Starting in the low $300,000s
Mastercraft Builder Group- Starting in the high $300,000s
DS Ware Homes- Starting in the mid-$400,000s
Drees Homes- Starting in the $400,000 range.

Shearwater Homes for Sale

Want to buy a new home in Shearwater?  We can help AT NO COST TO YOU!  We help negotiate with the builder and stay with you through the building process through closing.

Jacksonville Beach New Construction

by Stephanie Lim

Jacksonville Beach New Construction is a topic I am very excited about.  I was on an appointment with buyers yesterday that were interested in new construction in Jacksonville Beach and I realized I had not hopped on my blog to let people know that there are some great options available right now!

If you prefer new or newer homes, but want to live at the beach, we can help bring this together for you.  Here is a sample of what is available right now in Jacksonville Beach new construction.  I have also included Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach in this search.

We are ready to help you with your Jacksonville Beach home search.  Call us at 904.371.9654 and let us know how we can help!

Jacksonville Beach New Construction Listings



24 Hour Notices for Showings Jacksonville Real Estate For Sale

by Stephanie Lim

24 Hour Notices for Showings - Good idea or Bad?

It is not entirely uncommon to see Jacksonville real estate listings that require 24 hour notices for showing appointments. Other people do it, so it's okay, right?   Not so fast. It is a very bad idea to require 24 hour notices on showing appointments. Why? Many showing appointments are planned within a shorter window than 24 hours. When you place a restriction like that on your listing, you increase the risk of your home being skipped over entirely. It's hard to sell a home that is not easily accessible.   We understand that it's nice to have a great big window of time to get that house clean, it's a much better idea to just buckle up and work hard to keep it clean at all times. The faster your home sells, the less inconvenience you will have to experience. The more restrictions you place on home showings, the longer it will take to sell your house.

Jacksonville Real Estate Buyers - How They Operate

If a buyer decides they want to see a home, sometimes they want to see it that afternoon. It's also not unusual for us to be in a neighborhood with a buyer and pass a home that wasn't on our showing list that they want to see right away. It's also not unusual for a buyer to get an unexpected break in their schedule and want to go out the same day.   Buyers are finicky. They want to be accommodated when they are considering buying your home. In our experience, over our many years in real estate, around half of our showing appointments are made within a window of less than 24 hours. These are real buyers that are really buying homes. Don't turn them away.  

Make Your Home Accessible

As a Jacksonville home seller it is critical that you make your home as accessible as possible to potential buyers. The ONE buyer you turn away, might have been the person that would have bought your house. Don't assume they will come back another day. Many times they don't. We discourage 24 hour notices for showings of our Jacksonville Real Estate listings. That is because our experience has proven time and again that it is a really bad idea.

Nocatee's New Elementary School To Begin Construction Spring 2016

by Stephanie Lim

Nocatee's newest K-8 school has been announced and will begin construction in the Spring of 2016.  The new St Johns County K-8 school will be located between Nocatee Parkway and the new Twenty Mile communities in Nocatee.  The land was donated to the district by the Nocatee developers.  The St Johns County school district is expected to determine zoning for this new school in the Fall of 2016.  

Stay tuned for more updates.

jacksonville new builder homes

Are you thinking about new construction homes in Jacksonville? Dreaming of designing a new builder home with all of the options you want?

We love helping buyers find Jacksonville new construction homes and sell quite a few every year. If you are considering Jacksonville new construction homes, there are some very important factors to consider and evaluate before making your decisions.  


Jacksonville New Construction Homes - Factors to Consider 

1) Build times can be long and unpredictable.

When you buy a resale you get a closing date. When you buy a to-be-constructed Jacksonville new construction home you do not get a closing date. Because of this the process leading up to closing can be quite unpredictable. Depending on the builders timelines, subcontractors, weather delays, materials shortages, etc you can experience fluctuations in build time. We find that many times when we are helping new home buyers go under contract with a builder, we can not even get a firm month in which we can expect closing to take place. Make sure you are okay with this uncertainty.  

2) Binder deposits are higher.

Binder deposits, depending on the builder, are due at the time of contract and can be quite large. We have seen some builders require as little as 3%. On the other end, we have seen other builders require 10% of the contract price of the home. In addition, some builders require an additional deposit at the time options are picked out at the design center for any and all upgrades that are chosen. Depending on the price of the home, and the types of finishes you desire, this deposit can be quite large.  

3) You may be waiting between six months to a year to move into your new home.

This timeframe starts after the contract is written and can vary depending on many factors. During this period of time you will need to be in a holding pattern in your financial life. This means you should not change jobs, make less money, open or close new credit accounts, buy a new car, etc. Do not do anything that changes your financial situation after you receive your pre-approval unless you have the go ahead from you loan officer that is familiar with what this will do to your financial picture. This can result in you being turned down for your loan, and depending on the sales contract, could put your binder deposit in jeopardy.  

4) Where will you live until the home is ready?

If you are renting, are you prepared to go month-to-month if the home takes longer than expected. On the other end of the spectrum, are you willing to make double payments if the home is finished more quickly than anticipated? If you currently own a home, when will you try to sell it? Will you wait until a few months before your home is expected to be ready then try to time closing to coincide? This can be incredibly difficult and the dots do not always neatly connect so you have to be able to deal with some uncertainty.  

Still Ready to Build with a Jacksonville Home Builder?

If you think you are willing to accept the uncertainty and get started, give us a call at 904.371.9654. We can help you through the contract and close process when you are buying a new home from a builder AT NO COST TO YOU. The house will not cost you any extra, and many times you will save time and money.

What Happens When Your Offer is Too Low?

by Stephanie Lim

We get it.  All buyers want a great deal.   But what happens when your offer is TOO low?  One thing buyers often lose sight of is that getting a good deal in the Jacksonville real estate market has nothing to do with their offer in relation to list price.  Buyers need to understand, and be focused on, what the Jacksonville real estate is worth in order to understand what constitutes a deal.  This isn't 2008.  Sellers aren't punching bags and know that there are enough buyers out there that they don't have to give the home away.  (By the way, sellers love the phrase "I'm not going to give the home away!")  

What IS a Good Deal?

We see it all of the time.  Buyers that want a certain percentage off of the list price, no matter what, or they will just walk away and buy something different.  But what if the home is priced at $400k, but is really worth $450k?  Does the same buyer still need to get the home at their perceived "value" price which happens to be a certain percentage off of asking?  Many times they think that they should.  The same buyer willing to offer 95% of asking price as their top offer on an overpriced home will only be willing to do the same 95% on an underpriced home.  This is what we lovingly refer to as buyers that can not get out of their own way.  

How Low is Too Low?

angry sellerOffers that are too low make the other side angry and buyers usually lose the house.  A little too low can usually be overcome assuming a calm and reasonable agent on the other side.  But there is a line.  And if you go below that line things just will not go well.  Now how low is too low?  It's all relative, but our average contract to list price is at 97%.  That should be taken into consideration when a buyer is considering an offer.  If a home is priced well at fair market value, and a buyer submits an 80% offer, that deal isn't happening.  

Your Agent Isn't "Taking the Other Side"

If your agent tells you that your offer is too low, don't accuse them of taking the seller's side or "wanting" you to "overpay."  Neither is true.  Your agent is trying to protect you and help you get the house you want.  A good experienced agent has been down this road many, many times before and knows what is going to happen despite their best efforts.  One of their jobs is to help you get out of your own way.   Many times when the offer is too low the seller overreacts and won't even counter.  Other times when the offer is too low the agent overreacts which in turn causes the seller to overreact.  We have seen this play out many times over the years.  This is the message we got back recently from an agent when a low offer was submitted on an overpriced house, "Received the offer and must warn you the seller will be most displeased.  The last time someone offered so low she didn’t even counter.  Buyers should realize that such a low offer sours the negotiations."  Do you think this deal ended up happening?  Nope.  

Understand and Consider Emotions for a Better Outcome

Buying and selling real estate is an emotional process.  Buyer's should expect sellers to react poorly when an offer is ridiculous.  And I measure a "bad offer" off of what the fair market value of the house is using comps...not the percentage off of asking the buyer is requesting.  Most importantly, take your experienced agent's advice.  You should be working with an agent you trust.  Listen to them on what the home is worth.  I guarantee you they know more than the automated value from some third party website you are placing so much faith in.  What happens when your offer is too low?  You end up wasting everybody's time because the offer isn't likely going anywhere.

Durbin Crossing Real Estate Market Update January-June 2015

by Stephanie Lim

Where is Durbin Crossing Real Estate?

Durbin Crossing real estate is one of the highest demand communities in Northwest St Johns County.  Durbin Crossing is located in St Johns FL with the 32259 zip code.
To keep you informed, I wanted to give you a little snapshot of what has been going on in the Durbin Crossing community so far in 2015. The Durbin Crossing home sales listed below are for resales in Durbin Crossing from January 2015 through the end of June as recorded in the MLS system.

Durbin Crossing Homes Sold First Half 2015

Click for chart of Durbin Crossing real estate sales from January-June 2015


Want to Buy a Home in Durbin Crossing?

If you are considering selling or buying in Durbin Crossing, let us know.  We do a lot in Durbin and can help you with your purchase and/or sale.
To see Durbin Crossing homes for sale on the real estate market today click here.

- See more at:

Nocatee Real Estate Amenities Are Expanding

by Stephanie Lim



cypress park Nocatee real estate

Nocatee is the hottest new home community in the Jacksonville real estate area.  One of the questions we get a lot from potential Nocatee real estate buyers is whether the amenities will be expanded. It has been hard getting information about Nocatee amenity expansion plans many times. This is because plans around Nocatee usually remain pretty hush-hush until they are ready to announce things.

There are two new community parks currently being built that will expand amenities for Nocatee real estate owners and residents. The main amenity center will remain Splash Water Park, which has recently received a nice expansion including a couple of new pools.

Two New Nocatee Community Parks


Twenty Mile Park Nocatee Real Estate

Cypress Park - Opening May 2015 - Cypress Park in Nocatee is being constructed inside Cypress Trails on the Duval County side of Nocatee just off of Nocatee Parkway and in close proximity to Greenleaf Village and the Duval County Nocatee communities. Cypress Park will have a pool, trails, dog park and sports field. Twenty Mile Park - Opening late 2015 - Twenty Mile Park is being constructed inside Twenty Mile Village. Twenty Mile Park will have a pool, dog park, nature trails, playground, open-air pavilion, event lawn and sports field. Twenty Mile Park is slated for completion by the end of 2015. Both Twenty Mile Park and Cypress Park are available for use by all Nocatee residents. Not just residents in the respective communities.

We called you because we thought you were the listing agent.

We get a few of these calls a week. The people that browse around on our website and call us on a Jacksonville real estate listing because they "only want to deal with the listing agent."

What??? Are you sure about that???

We don't understand why anyone would ever NOT want their own agent in something as big as a real estate transaction. IT'S FREE!  Most of the time, it does not cost the buyer anything to use a buyer agent, but the right agent can save the buyer a lot of money.  (Sometimes agents will charge extra fees, but we do not.)

Buying a house is a little different from booking a vacation.  Knowing what is showing up on Zillow and Trulia, and looking at their estimates of value, does not give a buyer the expertise he or she needs to go it alone.

When you go directly to the listing agent, what are you getting?

showing a houseWhen you deal with the listing agent to purchase a home, they will either assist you as a non-representative or as a transaction broker. If they are a non-rep, basically, they will be your order taker just like the nice lady down at Pizza Hut.

If they are a transaction broker, you will get a tad more, but transaction brokerage comes with limited confidentiality. This limited confidentiality of the listing agent will prevent disclosure that the seller will accept a price less than the asking or listed price.

So if you think you are getting some kind of insider information, scratch that thought. They also can't tell you the seller's motivation for selling the property. They also can't tell you what the seller will agree to. They also can't advise you on what to offer. They can't disclose to you anything else that the seller doesn't want them to disclose (except for material facts that affect the value that are not readily observable.) They can't do or say anything that can possibly harm their seller's position at all.

Now when you are the buyer, is that the kind of relationship you think will help you get the best house at the best price?

I get the best deal going directly to the listing agent, right?

The chances that you will get a better deal with a listing agent, is slim to none. What you really should want is an experienced agent to help you as the buyer. You should really want a highly competent agent that understands the market and understands the value of the home you would like to buy. You should really want to find someone that you can get along with and that communicates well with you. You should really want someone that is interested in helping you get the best deal possible.

So if you are thinking about dealing directly with the listing agent, be very sure that is really what you want. You will usually pay more and experience more frustration all without having someone to look after you.

Nocatee Real Estate Market Update February 2015

by Stephanie Lim

Nocatee, in Northern St Johns County with a portion extending into Duval County, continues to be one of the fastest growing planned development in the nation. It is, without question, one of the most popular communities in the Jacksonville real estate market and has gained national attention.

Average Price Per Square Foot Nocatee Homes Sold in February 2015

These numbers are not the ultimate numbers that matter when it comes to pricing your specific home, but face it, buyers and sellers both like to know this number. When pricing your home, the average price per square foot in the community is not the number you should go by exclusively, but can be used as "sanity check." It is very important when you are pricing your home to evaluate the comps, in depth, and determine a good list price for your home.

Nocatee Neighborhoods Average Price Per Square Foot

Austin Park -$114
Coastal Oaks -$169
Del Webb Ponte Vedra -$164
Greenleef Lakes -$136
Greenleaf Village -$140
Lakeside -$108
The Enclave -$185
Willowcove -$132

Nocatee average price per square foot overall -$141

Keep in mind, my Nocatee stats, will not include all sales in the Nocatee real estate market during February. This is because most of the homes built from scratch for individuals will never be in the MLS.  This will be the case for any and all communities that still have active builder sales.

Nocatee Homes Sold February 2015

 Sold $ Average Price PSF Street Name


Nocatee Nocatee Subdivision
 300,877  $128 SKYLER LANE 3/2.5 GREENLEAF LAKES
 385,000  $126 Spring Park Ave 4/3.5 GREENLEAF LAKES
 401,500  $130 Citrus Ridge Dr 4/3.5 GREENLEAF LAKES
 311,529  $148 SPRING PARK Ave 3/2.5 GREENLEAF LAKES
 335,312  $143 SKYLAR Lane 4/3.5 GREENLEAF LAKES
 419,882  $145 Maiden TER 4/3.5 GREENLEAF VILLAGE
 295,000  $108 Mediterra Ave 3/3 LAKESIDE
 279,493  $184 MARIETTA DR 3/2 THE ENCLAVE
 287,340  $187 GARDEN WOOD DR 3/2 THE ENCLAVE


We're your friendly, neighborhood Nocatee Realtors. We live here, we work here. As always, let us know if we can help you in any way.

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